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What We Do


Essentially we have one core purpose - to make things work better.
We’ll analyse what you do and improve it, make it more efficient, more profitable, more enjoyable.
Whether it be you business processes, infrastructure projects or just your day-to-day running:
we can make it better!

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About Us


Moebius Ventures may not be a household name in this galaxy of ours but we’re not without influence.
Often the power behind the name, you probably know the Galactic Shockball League but did you know that it’s Moebius Ventures that make it happen? That’s right, your favourite galaxy-wide sporting spectacle is brought to you by our team! We work tirelessly behind the scenes so you can enjoy those crunching tackles, amazing assists and glorious goals from the comfort of your own home.


Ga.I.N. System

  • Custom Implementations
  • User Friendly
  • Fast
  • Reliable
  • Easy

Our Services

Infrastructure Design

We can help you make the most of your cities, districts and planets, improve efficiency and profits, from conception right through to implementation.

Communications Network Development

Communication is key to the smooth running of any enterprise, from a local logistics company to a multi-sector industrial conglomerate, we can provide both hardware and design to make your network sing.

Entertainment Distribution

We manage and distribute the Galactic Shockball League, including all the entertainment network syndication, sector-by-sector.


We leave the boring news to the other crews, at Moebius Ventures we are focussed on bringing you news about the things you enjoy!